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So most of you know that I have an Etsy shop where I specialize in handmade baby, children and dog accessories. I was getting an itch to try some new items outside of those categories and decided to try my hand at sewing zipper bags. I’ll probably make a ton of these, but for now 5 will do! These zipper bags are definitely not for beginner sewers, but an intermediate sewer can have some fun with these.

I have a tendency to steer clear of anything with a zipper, and I felt like it’s time to get over this silly fear and tackle it. It is so much easier than I thought. The last time someone (my Aunt) tried teaching me how to sew a zipper I was a child, and the task was much more intimidating.

I tried a few zipper bag tutorials and the first bag I tried was the “Boxie Pouch” by So Chick Handbags & Embroidery. I love the boxy shape which allows you to fit tons of stuff in it. Perfect to gather electronics and wires, or toiletries to throw into a suitcase. These are also a great size for keeping some of these little teether toys and rattles contained. You can easily use waterproof material for the lining. I ended up using stiffer interfacing for the last two I made of these to help them keep their shape. I used Pellon 809 interfacing, which you can buy here on amazon.Pellon Décor Bond Heavy Fusible Interfacing 809P By the Yard



Link to blog post and tutorial here: Boxie Pouch 






The other zipper bag I tried is the “My Favorite Zipper Pouch” by Jedi Craft Girl. This one was a little quicker, and it is a great size for travel size toiletries to throw in a purse or diaper bag.

Link to blog post and tutorial here: My Favorite Zipper Pouch

After doing a few of these, I feel pretty confident with zippers and don’t feel like I need to avoid them any long. The possibilities are now endless!

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